Choosing the Best Used VW

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You’ve assessed your needs, set your budget and decided to buy used rather than new. Yet, there’s still a question lingering in your mind: How do I know if I’m choosing the best pre-owned Volkswagen? From the VW Beetle to the Passat to the Tiguan, each Volkswagen has its own unique qualities and features to suit your body-style preferences and personal requirements. Before heading to the dealership, it’s important to understand the differences between pre-owned and certified pre-owned, as well as the variations between models, to make a confident, well-informed car-buying decision.

Pre-owned vs. Certified Pre-owned: Understanding the Difference

As you browse Trend Motors’ pre-owned inventory, you may find yourself asking, “What is the difference between pre-owned and certified pre-owned?” Unlike pre-owned vehicles, certified pre-owned cars are backed by the original manufacturer, in this case being Volkswagen. Under the WorldAuto program – offered through participating Volkswagen dealerships, like Trend Motors – certified pre-owned vehicles undergo a rigorous, 112-point inspection. If the dealer suspects anything wrong, they’ll replace or repair the part prior to listing the vehicle for sale.

In addition to the two-year or 24,000-mile (whichever comes first), bumper-to-bumper limited warranty, WorldAuto-certified pre-owned VWs also come with a detailed CARFAX report that includes details about title problems, ownership history and accidents, giving you greater peace of mind. You’ll also receive two years of 24-hour Roadside Assistance, which includes flat tire changes, jump starting, emergency fuel delivery and more. Plus, if your vehicle comes equipped with a SiriusXM Satellite Radio, you’ll receive a 3-month All-Access trial subscription.

A Body Style for Every Lifestyle

With numerous pre-owned models to choose from, such as the Tiguan, Passat, Jetta and Beetle Convertible, you’ll have no problem finding a vehicle that suits your household’s needs. Sporty and dynamic, the Tiguan is a great investment for on-the-go families. This compact SUV gives you plenty of cargo room for backpacks, groceries and other essentials. Are you looking for a mid-size sedan with excellent fuel economy? Choose the Passat. For those searching for a compact hatchback, select the Volkswagen Golf, which lets you easily load and unload cargo. Regardless of your style preferences, there’s a pre-owned Volkswagen tailored to you and your family.

Ready to Buy?

When it comes to buying a vehicle, you want to ensure you’re making the best choice possible. Picking out a used Volkswagen goes beyond your style and functionality needs – it requires a bit of homework to verify that you’re driving off the lot in your ideal automobile. At Trend Motors, we carry a large inventory of both pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles for sale. Learn more about choosing the best used VW for you by contacting our highly knowledgeable staff.

VW Touareg vs. BMW X5

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Surrounded by a wealth of premium brands, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen offers a lineup of first-class vehicles that rival even some of the most opulent makes and models. When it comes to luxury mid-size SUVs, it’s hard to beat the price tag of the VW Touareg. Packed with high-class features at an affordable rate, the VW Touareg goes head-to-head with the BMW X5 and other models in its class with its vast array of interior amenities, premium features and overall performance.

Performance, Efficiency and Towing Capability

Whereas the BMW X5 places an emphasis on handling and driving dynamics, the VW Touareg focuses on providing a well-groomed ride. Equipped with a base-level, 3.6L, 280 HP engine with 266 lb.-ft. of torque, the VW Touareg delivers a seamless driving experience. The BMW X5, on the other hand, provides a peak torque of 300 lb.-ft. and 300 HP with its 3.0L engine.

When looking at the base engines that come standard on both of the rivals’ models, the BMW X5 offers a slightly better fuel economy. However, the Touareg has an increased maximum towing capacity with its standard 4Motion all-wheel drive system and optional towing accessories, making it the premier choice for those who need to haul heavy equipment.

How the Interiors Stack Up

Offering a quiet cabin, the VW Touareg boasts a luxury-level, soundly built interior. Crafted from high-quality materials, the Touareg features two digital displays, analog gauges and heated front seats, making it as fun to drive as it is to ride in.

When it comes to interior space, the Touareg falls just a tad short of its competitor. Because the BMW X5 finds itself on the bigger end of the mid-size SUV spectrum, the boot of the vehicle is larger than the Touareg. The BMW X5 offers 35.8 cu. ft. of trunk space, which converts into 76.7 cu. ft. with the seats folded down. Comparatively, the Touareg contains 32.1 cu. ft. of cargo space that expands to 64 cu. ft. with the rear seats folded.

The BMW also offers an optional third row, providing seating for up to seven passengers. However, the small third-row addition makes for a cramped seating arrangement, reducing the comfort of the vehicle’s passengers. In contrast, the Touareg guarantees plenty of space for the driver and four additional travelers for an enjoyable driving experience.


When pitting the 2017 Volkswagen Touareg against the 2017 BMW X5, the Touareg gives buyers the most bang for their buck. The quiet cabin, roomy interior and reliable performance combine to let the Touareg contend with high-class luxury vehicles from premium brands while remaining an affordable option.

All-New 2017 VW CC R-Line Executive – A First Look

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A First Look at the 2017 VW CC R-Line Executive

If you were a fan of the 2016 Volkswagen CC lineup, you’ll be an even bigger fan of the 2017 Volkswagen CC. This sporty coupe has gone back to the drawing board and emerged with two enhanced, feature-packed models – the Sport and the R-Line Executive. Blending style, performance and technology, the R-Line Executive has quickly risen through the ranks and taken the top spot as the premier trim. This sophisticated sedan boasts a four-door coupe design, a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine and a bold, yet refined, R-Line body for a sharp look.

White VW Passat CC R-Line

R-Line Executive Top Features:

– R-Line sport bumpers and side sills
– 18” Montauk wheels
– Premium leather seating
– Climatronic dual-zone automatic climate control with pollen filter
– Adaptive Cruise Control
– Multi-function sport steering wheel with paddle shifters

Sporty. Sleek. Sophisticated.

Carrying over from the 2016 models, the R-Line Executive comes standard with 18” Montauk alloy wheels with a split-spoke design and a gloss-black grille. However, the 2017 trim features a more aggressive front fascia and more pronounced R-Line side sills, plus an eye-catching dashboard, giving the 2017 VW CC R-Line a sportier vibe. Under the hood, a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and six-speed DSG automatic transmission offer greater urgency and an engaging driving experience with 200 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque.

Innovative And Smart

The 2017 VW CC R-Line Executive sedan has been fine-tuned with features, such as Lane Assist, which alerts you when you drift into another lane and helps get you back on course, and Adaptive Cruise Control, which uses sensors to detect the distance between you and the car in front of you and maintains this distance automatically. The touch-screen navigation has also received an upgrade with a 6.33” display, voice control, two SD card readers, a USB port, AM/FM/HD Radio and a proximity sensor that kicks in when your hand approaches the screen for advanced and seamless interactivity.

Stay Connected

The biggest upgrade to the 2017 VW CC R-Line Executive comes in the form of the MIB II infotainment system, which allows you to use Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. Plus, the Volkswagen Car-Net connected car suite links to your compatible iPhone, Android device or computer to stay connected to the vehicle. Remotely unlock doors, get help in an emergency, set speed and boundary alerts and more to help ensure that you and everyone else in your family get home safely.


Whether you’re looking for a luxury sedan packed with the latest features or searching for a sporty four-door coupe that looks as stunning as it is entertaining to drive, the 2017 VW CC R-Line boasts the technology and curb appeal to set it apart from the pack.

The Future of Volkswagen with New Models and Electric Cars

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With the VW Atlas arriving next spring and the rollout of local MEB (Modular Electric Model) manufacturing scheduled to begin in 2021, the TRANSFORM 2025+ program announced last month is only the tip of the iceberg for Volkswagen. Focused on forging an industry-leading role in e-mobility and connectivity, Volkswagen is repositioning itself and implementing a multi-step program to set a course for the next 10 years and beyond. Revealing ambitious strategies for restructuring and a return to sustainable, profitable growth, VW is anticipating the development of the industry’s most dominant digital ecosystem by 2025.

Electric car charging

Volkswagen: Moving People Forward

With plans to roll out more economy cars in world markets, such as India, South America and Russia, Volkswagen aims to become the top volume distributor through a realignment strategy and a uniform global brand system. In North America, Volkswagen is focusing its efforts on developing large SUVs and sedans to evolve from a more niche supplier into a large-scale producer.

Coming Soon

Arriving in the spring of 2017, the seven-passenger, three-row VW Atlas is the latest addition to the US lineup. Built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the midsize SUV features an eight-speed automatic transmission and will be available with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine or a 3.6-liter VR6 engine. Aggressively styled, the front fascia boasts a corporate grille design and domineering LED headlights, while the rear incorporates dual exhausts for a sporty look. With Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning and Park Steering Assist, the 2018 VW Atlas comes loaded with high-tech safety features to drive you forward.

Later in 2017, the rollout of the second-generation Tiguan crossover is scheduled to hit the US market. With plans to push the Touareg upmarket, Volkswagen is in the works to develop three additional SUV models, including the production version of the T-Prime GTE Concept, as well as a sub-compact crossover and a compact model.

Electric Cars On The Horizon

In an initiative to refocus their brand core, Volkswagen is set to begin local production of electric vehicles in 2021. Backed by massive investments in e-mobility, connectivity and electric infrastructure, VW aspires to become the heart of the automobile market by 2025, with a plan to sell a million electric cars per year. As stated by Dr. Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Volkswagen brand’s Board of Management, “Our future electric cars will be the new trademark of Volkswagen.” With efforts to ensure secure, sustainable mobility, Volkswagen is prepared for a swift journey into the future.

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Why are there so many more VW leasing deals?

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Distracted Driving Prevention: listening to texts through VW infotainment

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How to use Apple CarPlay text message text-to-speech in VW

Technology has advanced so quickly that we have gotten to the point of feeling like we can’t live without it. Many of us feel we absolutely need our smartphones. What if we got in an accident, or a family member needed us? It’s great to have a mini-computer right in our pockets, but not when it leads to dangerous practices like texting and driving. We know the temptation is too great for many to resist when a text comes in, which is why many modern infotainment systems include a feature that allows you to have your incoming messages read aloud, so you know if it’s important or just a greeting. Today we’re going to teach you how to use Apple CarPlay text message text-to-speech in VW. Read the rest of this entry »

2017 VW Beetle ups its Special Editions game

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2017 Volkswagen Beetle Updates and Special Trims

2017 Volkswagen Beetle Updates and Special Trims

To be completely honest, 2017 isn’t bringing much that is entirely new to the Volkswagen lineup, other than the 2017 VW Golf Alltrack. For this reason, the changes are minor are focus mostly on updating available features or adding and cutting trim levels. We’ve been going on a bit of a spree when it comes to posts about particular models and trims because we know that this time of the year is when you’ll most likely be deciding between outgoing models, or waiting for what’s new. For Beetle fans, we’re giving you the full details on 2017 Volkswagen Beetle updates and special trims. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s included in the new 2017 VW Golf GTI Sport?

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New 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI Sport Trim

New 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI Sport Trim

Another year, and another round of upgrades is just around the corner for Volkswagen, so naturally we’re excited to talk about one of our favorite models: the VW Golf GTI. It’s true the model isn’t ready for a redesign, but that doesn’t mean VW doesn’t improve upon its formula every time the automaker has an opportunity. We’re excited for a new 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI Sport trim, as it paves the way for a new value-oriented lineup for those performance-minded drivers.

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What’s changing for the 2017 VW Passat?

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2017 Volkswagen Passat trim level updates

2017 Volkswagen Passat trim level updates

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VW cuts trims for the 2017 Volkswagen Jetta

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2017 VW Jetta changes and updates

2017 VW Jetta changes and updates

With every new model year comes changes to the Volkswagen lineup. This only makes sense, as they company adjusts for what consumers prove they want. This year the 2017 VW Jetta changes and updates center on trim level cuts and additional available and standard features. You’ll find easier access to driver assistance safety features, which help prevent collisions. You can find the full details on what to expect, and help you decide if it’s worth the wait. Read the rest of this entry »