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Saying Goodbye to the Volkswagen Eos

Volkswagen Eos History in Rockaway NJ - Trend Motors VolkswagenThe idea that all good things must come to an end is a common sentiment, and it’s hard to argue – especially when you take the Volkswagen Eos into consideration. While the convertible wasn’t a smash hit, it attracted its fair share of dedicated fans. Read on to learn about the history of this sleek, yet short-lived, ride.

The Beginning

The VW Eos made its debut in 2006. While its physical styling elements were relatively subtle, it offered the unique appeal of being a two-door, hard-top-only convertible with room to seat four passengers. Select Eos models also offered a sunroof built into the vehicle’s top. This intriguing design attempted to blend Volkswagen’s trademark clean looks with a touch of luxury.

The Middle

Following its introduction, the car received only a handful of updates over the years. Come 2010, for example, the vehicle was equipped with Bluetooth – now a staple in most new vehicles – as well as a multifunctional steering wheel. The front fascia of the Eos, which had remained more or less the same since it first hit the streets, finally received an overhaul with the vehicle’s 2012 model. Eventually, a panoramic sunroof – these sunroofs take up most of the vehicle’s top – was added in 2014. Soon after, Volkswagen announced that it would discontinue the vehicle for good after a steady decline in sales.

The End

In celebration of the model’s relatively short life, VW created the Final Edition, which was offered as a mid-level trim in 2015 to acknowledge that the Eos was on its way out. But as it turns out, this Final Edition wasn’t quite the end. VW elected to offer a 2016 model at a lower price than the previous year in an attempt to entice buyers one last time.

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Last Model Year 2016 VW Eos

Wave one last goodbye to the 2016 Volkswagen Eos

Last Model Year 2016 VW Eos

Some models just never quite make it as best sellers, and the Volkswagen Eos has quickly lost sales since the more iconic Beetle Convertible became a competing option. With production being severely limited, it almost isn’t accurate to call it the last model year 2016 VW Eos, as production is ending just next month. Still, it’s a last chance for shoppers to consider this unique hardtop convertible, and this year provides better incentives to do so. Read the rest of this entry >>