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The Future of Volkswagen with New Models and Electric Cars

With the VW Atlas arriving next spring and the rollout of local MEB (Modular Electric Model) manufacturing scheduled to begin in 2021, the TRANSFORM 2025+ program announced last month is only the tip of the iceberg for Volkswagen. Focused on forging an industry-leading role in e-mobility and connectivity, Volkswagen is repositioning itself and implementing a multi-step program to set a course for the next 10 years and beyond. Revealing ambitious strategies for restructuring and a return to sustainable, profitable growth, VW is anticipating the development of the industry’s most dominant digital ecosystem by 2025.

Electric Volkswagen Models in Rockaway NJ - Trend Motors Volkswagen

Volkswagen: Moving People Forward

With plans to roll out more economy cars in world markets, such as India, South America and Russia, Volkswagen aims to become the top volume distributor through a realignment strategy and a uniform global brand system. In North America, Volkswagen is focusing its efforts on developing large SUVs and sedans to evolve from a more niche supplier into a large-scale producer.

Coming Soon

Arriving in the spring of 2017, the seven-passenger, three-row VW Atlas is the latest addition to the US lineup. Built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the midsize SUV features an eight-speed automatic transmission and will be available with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine or a 3.6-liter VR6 engine. Aggressively styled, the front fascia boasts a corporate grille design and domineering LED headlights, while the rear incorporates dual exhausts for a sporty look. With Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning and Park Steering Assist, the 2018 VW Atlas comes loaded with high-tech safety features to drive you forward.

Later in 2017, the rollout of the second-generation Tiguan crossover is scheduled to hit the US market. With plans to push the Touareg upmarket, Volkswagen is in the works to develop three additional SUV models, including the production version of the T-Prime GTE Concept, as well as a sub-compact crossover and a compact model.

Electric Cars On The Horizon

In an initiative to refocus their brand core, Volkswagen is set to begin local production of electric vehicles in 2021. Backed by massive investments in e-mobility, connectivity and electric infrastructure, VW aspires to become the heart of the automobile market by 2025, with a plan to sell a million electric cars per year. As stated by Dr. Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Volkswagen brand’s Board of Management, “Our future electric cars will be the new trademark of Volkswagen.” With efforts to ensure secure, sustainable mobility, Volkswagen is prepared for a swift journey into the future.

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VW Apple CarPlay text-to-speech in Rockaway NJ - Trend Motors Volkswagen

Distracted Driving Prevention: listening to texts through VW infotainment

How to use Apple CarPlay text message text-to-speech in VW

Technology has advanced so quickly that we have gotten to the point of feeling like we can’t live without it. Many of us feel we absolutely need our smartphones. What if we got in an accident, or a family member needed us? It’s great to have a mini-computer right in our pockets, but not when it leads to dangerous practices like texting and driving. We know the temptation is too great for many to resist when a text comes in, which is why many modern infotainment systems include a feature that allows you to have your incoming messages read aloud, so you know if it’s important or just a greeting. Today we’re going to teach you how to use Apple CarPlay text message text-to-speech in VW. Read the rest of this entry >>

What’s unique about the VW T-Prime SUV concept?

Correction: VW reveals T-Prime concept at 2016 Beijing Auto Show

What’s unique about the VW T-Prime SUV concept?

Sometimes you take a risk and it doesn’t pay off. Such is the case with our speculation that the concept revealed in Beijing would be the next-generation Touareg, but we’re satisfied being incorrect on this after seeing the all-new T-Prime unveiled. We’ve seen a few concepts with similar technology, and we already have a Touareg for luxury models, so you may be wondering what’s unique about the VW T-Prime SUV concept. We’re here to fill you in on its complete details. Read the rest of this entry >>

VW Tiguan GTE Active plug-in hybrid features and specs

Off-road Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active at NAIAS

VW Tiguan GTE Active plug-in hybrid features and specs

For those unfamiliar with the Volkswagen brand, it’s the plush interiors which often make an instant impression. VW is a brand that can brag about feeling premium, but without the dip in your bank account to prove it. With this focus on luxury, VW doesn’t exactly have vehicles that are known for their trail-riding capabilities. Rally-racing is one thing, but taken your Volkswagen off the beaten path? Well, looking at the VW Tiguan GTE Active plug-in hybrid features and specs, this German automaker may be changing how we look at the brand. Read the rest of this entry >>

CES 2016 Volkswagen BUDD-e electric concept

VW offers innovative BUDD-e electric van at CES 2016

CES 2016 Volkswagen BUDD-e electric concept world premier

Technology is constantly changing, which is why every book ever written about the future includes some crazy technology that doesn’t seem realistic to our modern eyes. We suppose in some ways Volkswagen has offered up the same thing at CES 2016 with the Volkswagen BUDD-e electric concept. Some of the concept model’s technology will almost certainly make it to production models in the near future, while other aspects of what we’re seeing may never make it past automotive shows. Read the rest of this entry >>

Steps for Pairing Your Phone to VW Bluetooth

Take advantage of Bluetooth in your VW

Steps for Pairing Your Phone to VW Bluetooth

Remember when the most complicated technology in your vehicle was a simple cassette player? It’s been many years since systems have gone from tape decks to CD players, then from MP3 compatible and Bluetooth. Now with VW Car-Net App-Connect, smartphone connectivity is even more advanced, but only for those who are sitting behind the wheel of the newest 2016 models. For everyone else, you still might require the steps for pairing your phone to VW Bluetooth, and we’re here to help. Read the rest of this entry >>

Pairing a cellphone with VW App-Connect

Using App-Connect features in your 2016 Volkswagen

Pairing a cellphone with VW App-Connect

With most Volkswagen models, aside from the 2016 Volkswagen Passat, undergoing no real changes for this model year, it feels as if we’ve been talking about nothing else but the ins and outs of which models will have the new MIB II infotainment system, in what size and for which trim levels. It’s almost as if this bit of new technology is exciting or something. Considering we all struggle to set aside our technology when we hit the road, especially when it comes to playing music or navigating, it makes sense to highlight this feature. Pairing a cellphone with VW App-Connect is fast and very easy, and eliminates the need for many “premium” features, like a built-in navigation system. Read the rest of this entry >>

2015 Top Safety Pick+ IIHS rated Volkswagen models

Safety is the Volkswagen new model year resolution

2015 Top Safety Pick+ IIHS rated Volkswagen models

You’re driving along, a fantastic song comes on the radio, and let’s face it, you basically have to sing along. While you’re belting out the lyrics, you might find your pedal reaches just a tad lower to the floor, but maybe you’re not quite paying attention to the lines on the road either. It happens to all of us, and most of the time nothing bad happens. Most of the time. Volkswagen seeks to ensure its drivers stay safe all of the time, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has tested the VW 2016 models and finds them to be among the safest available. In fact, we’re proud to say there are now 2015 Top Safety Pick+ IIHS rated Volkswagen models available from this innovative automaker. Read the rest of this entry >>

Volkswagen turbocharges more engines with the new Jetta

2016 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4T engine upgrade

It may only be August, but in the automotive world 2016 is just around the corner. We are already getting plenty of new models here at Trend Motors in Rockaway, NJ, near Newark, and even though many models are rollovers from last year, there are plenty of new features to get excited about. Just one example is the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4T engine upgrade, which aims to provide more power to the base trim level while also providing further fuel efficiency. Read the rest of this entry >>