CES 2016 Volkswagen BUDD-e electric concept

VW offers innovative BUDD-e electric van at CES 2016

CES 2016 Volkswagen BUDD-e electric concept world premier

Technology is constantly changing, which is why every book ever written about the future includes some crazy technology that doesn’t seem realistic to our modern eyes. We suppose in some ways Volkswagen has offered up the same thing at CES 2016 with the Volkswagen BUDD-e electric concept. Some of the concept model’s technology will almost certainly make it to production models in the near future, while other aspects of what we’re seeing may never make it past automotive shows.

Is the VW Microbus making a comeback with the BUDD-e electric van?

It seems the same rumor is circulating every few years about Volkswagen. The one that states the iconic Microbus will be once again offered on the market. There are a few reasons why this never quite happens, but still many fans wait with baited breath. Could this year be the year? Sadly, we don’t believe the BUDD-e is expected to be available anytime soon either. Even comparing it to the Microbus is a bit of a stretch, but seeing it in showrooms would mean finally having a van available from Volkswagen. Something we know plenty of drivers are hoping for.

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There are a few things we like about the BUDD-e, and a few things that leave us scratching our heads. The exterior design doesn’t look like too much of a stretch when looking at other boxy options on the market, but it does offer a few throwback styling elements. The wheels on the concept are a subtle hint at the old “flower power” days, which is a particularly great pun when considering it’s an electric car. Finally, a van that is actually good for the environment. Some have hinted that the front end of BUDD-e is reminiscent as the grille is ever-so slightly V-shaped, but the Microbus didn’t have a grille at all. Really, it isn’t worth struggling too much to draw a connection, as it’s a new model with some serious futuristic goals.

Features of the BUDD-e electric concept van

Aside from an illuminated grille, the design of the BUDD-e doesn’t stray too far from other vehicles available on the market, even if it does differ from what Volkswagen currently offers. It’s the inside that counts with BUDD-e, both mechanically and with its new technology. The model is the first to be built on the Modular Electric Platform, which is specifically design for plug-in models. Why would Volkswagen put effort into research and development of a new platform if we aren’t to expect production models in the future? It may not be BUDD-e we see on the market, but the next generation e-Golf isn’t likely to be offering an 83 mile range. BUDD-e is said to get up to 233 miles based on the EPA drive cycle, while also charging up to 80% in just 30 minutes. Those numbers are a projection for 2019, so naturally we’re marking our calendars a few years in advance in anticipation.

CES 2016 Volkswagen BUDD-e electric concept digital dashboard
CES 2016 Volkswagen BUDD-e electric concept trunk
CES 2016 Volkswagen BUDD-e electric concept technology

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Technology being the other big reveal, the BUDD-e features Internet of Things technology which means not only connectivity with your smartphone, but with your Smart Home technology as well. Think you left a light on? Someday you might be able to check and turn the light off from the comfort of your home.

The interior design of BUDD-e is also unique, with an L-bench for the rear seat and the passenger front seat able to flip around. It seems only the driver will be left out of the conversation. Is it a bus? A van? Or a portable living room? Don’t even get us started on the cargo area, which has a pull out drawer that we’re guessing would reduce space. What do you think of the VW BUDD-e? Leave us a comment, and be sure to check back here at the Trend Motors Blog for more posts like this one.

CES 2016 Volkswagen BUDD-e electric concept interior layout
CES 2016 Volkswagen BUDD-e electric concept design