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Distracted Driving Prevention: listening to texts through VW infotainment

How to use Apple CarPlay text message text-to-speech in VW

Technology has advanced so quickly that we have gotten to the point of feeling like we can’t live without it. Many of us feel we absolutely need our smartphones. What if we got in an accident, or a family member needed us? It’s great to have a mini-computer right in our pockets, but not when it leads to dangerous practices like texting and driving. We know the temptation is too great for many to resist when a text comes in, which is why many modern infotainment systems include a feature that allows you to have your incoming messages read aloud, so you know if it’s important or just a greeting. Today we’re going to teach you how to use Apple CarPlay text message text-to-speech in VW.

Using Apple CarPlay to listen to texts

In systems that have CarPlay, which is any of the 6.33-inch or larger head units starting in 2016, your phone should connect automatically once it is plugged in. Apple CarPlay is part of the new App-Connect Suite, and using it to read texts is actually very easy. You’ll see two rows of four tiles each. At the end of the top row is a little speech bubble that says messages. When you have a text message, a red icon with a number will show how many. Press this icon on the touch screen and say “read new message.” Siri will read the newest message out loud, and give you the option to respond through voice. In order to limit distractions, you obviously won’t be able to type a message back.

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Can you send and receive texts using Android Auto?

You’ll be happy to note that while Siri is the more popular voice command software, possibly thanks to its memorable name, the system works much the same for Android users. If you’re using Android Auto and a text comes up, it will pop up on the screen and you can press it to read. You can also go to the home screen to check your messages. Responding to a text is simple too, as you just press the voice-command button on your steering wheel or the microphone on the infotainment display. Say “reply” and you will automatically be set to send a text to the last person who texted you. The system will repeat the text back to you, so you know it isn’t going to send a gibberish message. Simply say “send” if it sounds correct of “cancel” if it isn’t what you want. If you don’t respond immediately, a button will pop up saying “Reply: I’m driving right now.” This allows a simple response without ignoring a message.

Car-Net Messages for Volkswagen in Rockaway NJ - Trend Motors VolkswagenAre you all for new technology helping you stay focuses, or is does this feel like a compromise on safety? Let us know your thoughts by responding with a comment below. Otherwise be sure to check back here at the Trend Motors Blog for more tips.