VW e-Golf Touch Concept Infotainment Technology

VW reveals its e-Golf Touch with production-ready features

VW e-Golf Touch Concept Infotainment Technology

When it comes to technology and concepts, we’re like most people in that we’re always looking ahead to what’s coming next and how it can make our lives easier and our time behind the wheel safer. Automotive shows provide some of the most exciting news next to new model releases because we get a hint of what could be, even if it’s not quite here yet. THE VW BUDD-e may have been a show stopper at CES 2016, but it’s the VW e-Golf Touch Concept infotainment technology that you’re most likely to see come to dealerships near you.

New functions in the VW e-Golf Touch

Now, the gesture control features we’re seeing in the e-Golf Touch aren’t exactly fresh news for those who remember the Golf R Touch from last year’s CES, but it’s clear the infotainment system has had its bugs worked out and the functions are designed in a way that makes a sort of intuitive sense. It’s called the Touch, so you can expect a clear glass touchscreen to work when you need it to, but swiping gestures are easier with gesture controls as you don’t need to apply pressure across the entire width of the screen like you would with touch controls. Button presses are still handy for making selections, so they are still incorporated. Gesture and touch combine with voice controls, which will be activated by saying, “Hello Volkswagen” instead of pressing a hard key. A pop-up screen also shows options, because hey, we’re all forgetful of the sorts of things we can do with voice commands

Hidden features of the e-Golf Touch?

Scouring press releases and articles on all the latest VW news is just part of our job, but sometimes the most interesting details are a bit hidden. Everyone knows by now the e-Golf Touch has gesture controls, and updating voice commands is expected to keep up with communication, but how about keeping up in your social media while you drive?

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Texting and driving is dangerous, and we often blanket Tweeting and updating your Facebook in these e-Golf Touch MIB Systemcategories. Don’t selfie and drive, no matter how cool you look singing along in your VW. Still, we can nag all we want, but we know there are many drivers who can’t resist. Which is why smartphone notifications may be the next thing that comes to your infotainment system. Posts can be read out loud by the system, and at speeds below 3 miles per hour you can even read the notification, while only headlines pop up when you’re driving at 4 mph or higher. This is an interesting development, but what really caught your eyes is the concept that there will be a reply option. This may include voice commands or simple actions like retweeting, but the “in the second stage of the extension, the car will be given its own identity, as well as a Twitter account.” What’s that? Your car will automatically tweet about traffic and weather through its own Twitter account?

Never again will your parents or loved ones worry if you make it home safely! We’re not sure if we’re ready for this, are you? Drop us a comment with your opinion, and be sure to check back here at the Trend Motors Blog for more VW news.