VW Tiguan GTE Active plug-in hybrid features and specs

Off-road Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active at NAIAS

VW Tiguan GTE Active plug-in hybrid features and specs

For those unfamiliar with the Volkswagen brand, it’s the plush interiors which often make an instant impression. VW is a brand that can brag about feeling premium, but without the dip in your bank account to prove it. With this focus on luxury, VW doesn’t exactly have vehicles that are known for their trail-riding capabilities. Rally-racing is one thing, but taken your Volkswagen off the beaten path? Well, looking at the VW Tiguan GTE Active plug-in hybrid features and specs, this German automaker may be changing how we look at the brand.

Designing an off-road Volkswagen Tiguan

It goes without saying that a model that has off-road capabilities must also have AWD, and the Volkswagen GTE Active not only has 4Motion, but a new 4Motion Active Control that allows for manual selections. There are six driving programs for the AWD system:

  • On road (Comfort or Eco)
  • Offroad (Rocks, Sludge & Sand, or Gravel)
  • Sport
  • Snow
  • Charge (battery is charged while driving)
  • Battery Hold (maintains a constant battery charge)

Like regular 4Motion, the AWD will also kick in automatically when a loss of traction is detected, but is otherwise a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

Under the hood is a 148 horsepower TSI engine which produces 184 pound-feet of torque. It’s paired with two electric motors for a total output of 221 horsepower in GTE mode. To better overcome obstacles, the ride height has been increased from 7.1” to 8.9” at the axles, plus parts like a sturdier skid plate, with the matte aluminum shield and polymer protectors are added to protect against rocks and brush.

VW Tiguan GTE Active plug-in hybrid roof
VW Tiguan GTE Active plug-in hybrid interior
VW Tiguan GTE Active plug-in hybrid capabilities
VW Tiguan GTE Active plug-in hybrid style

Plug-in electric features of the Tiguan GTE Active

The excitement over the Tiguan GTE Active is two-fold, as it isn’t just a model that is made for off-roading, which isn’t common in the VW lineup, but it also is a plug-in electric hybrid. It seems electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids should be the direction Volkswagen heads in, and this is the second GTE now to be shown at a U.S. car show. Options are already available overseas, so we see the biggest holdup on them hitting our market is simple the fact that our charging station network needs to expand. Driving range for the Tiguan GTE Active is said to be 580 miles, which makes it more practical than EVs currently are, and the electric-only range is 20 miles.

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No word is yet available on fuel-economy figures, but we know the 214 horsepower European Spec Tiguan GTE is estimated to get as much as 123 mpg with a 13 kWh battery. It’s not designed for the same capabilities as the Tiguan Active GTE, has a larger battery and less powerful engine, so we can’t expect the same figures for this concept model, but this still indicates fuel-economy could be much better than what’s currently available.

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There’s no indication that Volkswagen plans to release the Tiguan GTE Active, but would you be interested if it went to production? Let us know with a comment, and be sure to check back here at the Trend Motors Blog for more posts like this one.