Why do people like Volkswagen?

Where does the huge VW fan base come from?

Why do people like Volkswagen?

We live in country where brand loyalty is everywhere. From the technology we use to the food we eat, everyone has a specific company they favor. When it comes to the automotive world, few fans are as loyal as drivers. We’re proud to be part of the VW world because of this sort of devotion. For those not already a part of the VW enthusiast community, we’re answering the question: Why do people like Volkswagen?

Volkswagen and its iconic vehicles

A rich history is usuallyVW Golf MK1 GTI as good a reason as any for an automaker to form brand loyalty. Unlike other automakers, Volkswagen cannot rely on American fans to feel connected to any sort of ideal of patriotic heritage. It’s a German automaker, and its beginnings aren’t necessarily something people are proud of. Though that doesn’t make the cars any less impressive. The Volkswagen Beetle has many loyal followers not only because of the retro-inspired silhouette which makes it stand out on the road, but because it was (and still is) an excellent option for an economy car. Parts weren’t particularly expensive and the simple design was created to be easily fixed. The Volkswagen Golf, first named the Rabbit, also achieved wide popularity for being easy on the pocketbooks, while the hatchback design made it practical.

Volkswagen Motorsport

The only thing second in people’s hearts to saving a bit of cash is the possibility for performance. VW offers a nice balance of practical, family-friendly options while also having a rich history in rally racing. Part of the fun isn’t just buying a vehicle and using it as a daily driver to commute around, but customization creates the excitement of modifying a vehicle to be unique. For some people this means a specific look, for others it means modifying the performance. In either case, gather a group of VW fans together and you’re in for an evening of learning what’s been done to each owner’s vehicle and stories of what they’ve been through together.

Responsive vehicles with Historic Beetle 1 million celebrationa touch of character

It isn’t all about looks for VW fans, though that can be a part of it. What really creates a lifelong fandom is the driving style. The Golf GTI has possibly gotten the most praise over the year, being the first hot hatch, and again, having a long history in rally racing. The GTI is commonly regarded as one of the best cars for its price. It hovers near the economy end of pricing, the interior offers high-quality materials, and it has the right amount of muscle to be fun and agile to drive. It’s also spacious, meaning it doesn’t need to go the second a life-changing event, like having a child, happens. It is, simply put, a well-rounded option.

Other reasons people prefer VW?

People love the German-engineering and the solid build of the vehicles. They feel steady on the road, the interior is just about the best available for mass-production vehicles and, while some detractors claim reliability is an issue, lifelong fans typically remain fans because they follow their maintenance schedule. A car that is treated well is a car that lasts.

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