Why is the 2016 VW Golf good for short people?

Volkswagen offers solutions for vertically-challenged drivers

Why is the 2016 VW Golf good for short people?

We hear time and again how there are some cars that just aren’t meant to be when you’re a tall driver or passenger. When rear legroom is pitiful at best, auto journalists will be sure to note it isn’t the best option for anyone over six foot tall, but these are issues shorter occupants can blow past. This doesn’t mean short drivers don’t have any problems, but they are too often ignored. If you’ve been hearing the solution could be one of our most popular models, you may be asking: why is the 2016 VW Golf good for short people?

What problems do short drivers face?VW Crank Height Adjustment

If you’re not very tall yourself, this issue may be clear as day, but taller drivers may not understand. After all, unless you’re cramped into the third-row seating of an SUV that has no business having a third row, short legs mean you aren’t often complaining about your knees pressing into the seat in front of you, and you’re even less likely to struggle with the space behind the wheel. Still, short drivers may find it’s hard to see over the steering wheel, which can be a scary experience all by itself. It may be easier to raise the seats or push them back, but then you’re struggling to press the pedals, and getting closer may mean you’re too close to the air bags in an accidents.

You won’t find many cars that make the issue of stepping into them difficult for short drivers or passengers, though large trucks can be a challenge. Another one? The inability to close the trunk once it’s popped, which is even more of an issue with hatchbacks.

Why the 2016 Volkswagen Golf family is ideal for shorter drivers

The 2016 Volkswagen Golf, along with the SportWagen and the GTI, was designed for a wide range of proportions. These models have earned some praise from taller reviewers since the seats can ratchet down to adjust the height, but this same ease of adjustment makes the entire Golf family an easy choice for short drivers too. Mix this with excellent visibility and a tilting/telescoping steering wheel and it’s easy to get the model set for you.
Golf SportWagen Hatchback lip

[Relevant] 2016 Volkswagen Golf technology and changes

This brings up the question of the hatchback. Once it’s popped open, you may notice it’s a bit higher than you might expect, and we’ve seen a few test drivers look a bit perplexed when it comes to shutting it afterward. Sure, jumping for the top is great exercise, but what you may not notice at first glance is there’s a place where you can slide you hand on the underside of the popped hood, which actually makes it much easier to close if the top of the hatch is just out of reach.

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