Will using regular fuel ruin my Volkswagen engine?

Many VW turbo engines now use regular fuel

Will using regular fuel ruin my Volkswagen engine?

The last thing you want to do is pay thousands of dollars on a vehicle only to ruin it by putting the wrong gas into your vehicle. You know your gasoline engine isn’t meant to run on diesel, but whether it’s ok to change to a different grade gasoline may be less clear. If you’re wondering, “will using regular fuel ruin my Volkswagen engine?” the answer is no, but up until this year premium fuel was recommended. Now for many 2016 model year vehicles Volkswagen has changed the recommendation to regular fuel.

Premium Fuel VolkswagenWhich Volkswagen models can use regular gas?

Though most 2016 models are now recommended to use 87 octane gasoline, this isn’t the case with all Volkswagen vehicles. We also have heard nothing on a change in recommendation for previous model years. It’s unclear whether VW has changed the tuning of the engine or not, so we can’t in good faith say you should step away from the 91 octane option if you have an older Volkswagen. For the 2016 model year, the following vehicles are all recommended to run on regular gas:

  • CC VR6
  • Beetle
  • Beetle Convertible
  • Golf
  • Golf GTI
  • Golf SportWagen
  • Jetta
  • Jetta GLI
  • Passat VR6
  • Touareg

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For those who like a bit more oomph when putting pedal to metal, you’ll notice Volkswagen still gets its power figures by using premium fuel, so that option is still there if you don’t mind paying more at the pump. The economy figures, on the other hand, come from the EPA and it uses regular gasoline. So what you feel is best for you and how you like to drive is completely your decision. We will say there will be no harm to your 2016 model if you’re feeling a bit tight-fisted with your hard-earned cash.

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